PSS Heaven on Earth specializes in custom designed tour itineraries, with a focus on personal and global healing to uniquely sacred destinations world wide. Company owner and Tour Operator Pamela S. Stutzman has been conducting group travel and facilitating healing retreats since 1993. Pamela has lead group tours to: Machu Picchu, Peru and Bolivia in South America; Ireland’s sacred sites and Stonehenge England; Copper Canyon and Chichen Itza in Mexico; Vancouver Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec in Canada; and Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, California, and Hawaii’s Big Island.

Pamela, a sculpture artist and hospice volunteer, was formally educated in Michigan, majoring in Business and Interior Design. Her innate healing ability and therapeutic approach to design lead her to an intensive 15-year study of Feng Shui and Reiki Healing Therapy. Pamela instantly recognized the strong parallels between Reiki Healing energy and the power of Feng Shui principles to promote wellness in spirit, mind, body, and environment.

  Pamela, a Certified Reiki Master, Feng Shui Consultant, Prophetic Intuitive, and Writer expresses her passion for spiritual enlightenment and global healing by conducting sacred journeys to ancient cultures worldwide. These amazing pilgrimmages offer travelers educational enrichment, spiritual renewal, and personal transformation.  
  Pamela's parent company, PSS Originals, evolved to create "Heaven on Earth Journeys" . Pamela weaves together a trinity of healing modalities which encompasses customized Sacred Journeys and Retreats, Feng Shui Interior Design, and Reiki Hands-On healing.  
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