An ancient Chinese design philosophy practiced in many cultures world-wide for more than 5,000 years. Feng Shui philosophies use the aesthetic and effective application of line, space, color, and symbolism to intricately create living and work environments of balance and harmony… promoting greater peacefulness, productivity, health, and prosperity.
  The essence of the Feng Shui concept is that all spaces carry with them significance as they symbolize some aspect of our consciousness, our emotions, our relationships, or our past. It is believed that the condition of the dwelling (or work space) is equal to our state of mind. As we carefully restructure and bless the environments we spend concentrated time in, it directly mirrors the degree to which we are caring for all aspects of our lives. Implementing the universal laws of the Feng Shui philosophies becomes a sacred journey that unfolds as we move through different stages of our earthly lives. The doctrines of Feng Shui principles offer to all of us practical and effective tools to living with integrity, respecting the Earth, and moving in perfect rhythm with the cyclical flow of nature.  
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