Reiki therapy is a gentle, yet powerfully effective method of hands-on healing which allows an integrative rebalancing of the heart, mind, body, and spirit. A wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing experience, Reiki healing treatments address a myriad of physical, emotional, and mental conditions that may have caused a misalignment of one’s entire energy system. Reiki healing energy offers a platform for the entire being to be brought back into a state of harmonious balance, allowing the entire immune system to function more effectively at its optimum capacity.
The practice of hands-on healing has been in existence in most cultures throughout human history. The foundation of this practice is based in the truth and understanding that humans are far more than just physical beings. The true reality is that we are sentient, cerebral, emotional, and spiritual beings. When any facet of healing is called for, the path to wellness must address all elements of our being in order to be effective. The journey to wholeness is a multi-faceted process and requires far more than just focusing on the physical aspect of self.
The practice of Reiki Hands-On Healing treatments have proven to be so effective that Reiki is now being incorporated as part of healing therapies in progressive hospitals worldwide.
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